Professional Biography

Hi, I am Raisa Aritcheta. I am engaged in accounting by profession. My undergraduate degree is Management. I have 8 years of cumulative experience working in the corporate world but is now handling freelance projects related to sales and accounting.


I lead BRE-Real Estate Davao. I’m a real estate specialist. I provide consultation and services purposed to help in making the most of property investments.

I have Master’s in Business Administration and I have been receiving recommendations to be a Sales Manager. However, I am currently more passionate about helping buyers.


I started out as someone aiming to climb the corporate ladder. I have 8 years of cumulative work experience as an accounting staff and has been part of only 3 different companies all engaged in sales and distribution of products.I have witnessed first-hand how consultation plays a big part in making the most of the return in investment. This goes for both sides – buyer and seller.

In this digital age, it is undeniable that information is vastly distributed but it is important to be a recipient of an expert’s advice that is based on knowledge of best practices and years of experience in the field. This led me to making myself become more involved with my interest and passion for providing insight to essential aspects of investing in real estate which were not readily available to me when I was on the decision-making process for making my first investment.


Now, I aim to provide organizations and individuals alike in their pursuit for investment success by providing custom-tailored consultation.

To achieve this, I put my clients’ best interests as utmost priority. I treat each deal I work on as if I were the one making the investment and put in all needed effort necessary to ensure that the result will be one of the reasons for my clients’ satisfaction as investor or a home-owner.


Site Viewing

It is essential to visit the property you’re interested in. We’ll accompany you in checking it out free of charge. Experience travelling to and from the neighborhood before deciding to invest.


People normally want to purchase their own homes. However, most of the times the reason for not pursuing this endeavor is being hesitant due to incomplete information. We’ll help you out by providing free, custom-tailored consultation about what you want for your investment.

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