Truth About Davao City Real Estate Boom Now

Stark indications taken to be signs of a developing city are the number of buildings and high-rise buildings. In other words, these are concrete representations of an area’s durable economic development. Similarly, Davao City real estate industry is definitely showing these.

Davao City is mentioned to be one of the cities with the fastest-growing economic climate. To clarify, the city adds 9.4 percent of the growth rate in Davao Region. This is according to the data from the Davao City Investment and Advertising Office. Therefore, it is no question that the number of its real estate investments has constantly been rising over the years.

A report was recently released by an acknowledged private-owned real estate consultation business in the country. It took into consideration the domestic industry to be the leading real estate driver in the city.

The report mentions that the actual and metaphorical surge of condominium developments started from under 5,000 square meters. In addition, the report states expectations for these to increase at some point to reach the 18,000 square meter mark. In short, the domestic market of Davao City is looking to be a significant mover in the real estate field. This includes a forecasted 18,000 Ready-For-Occupancy units. Also, there are no indicators of slowing down for the condominium market.

The agency visualizes that the domestic system count will review 15,000. In addition, there are expectations for this to rise as 11,000 units are in line for turn over. Contact us and find out more about real estate property in Davao here.

Davao City Real Estate Projects

Projects that are currently completing and having units ready for turn still have more in the pipeline. These are a mix of local players and top developers that have several past, successful jobs. Cebu Landmaster Inc. (CLI) has both recurring and future land growth projects which will amount to P10 billion. The projects include a township, condominiums and row housing as well.

“Davao is our second biggest market outside Cebu. It is like our second residence. There are a lot of possibilities, a great deal of demand and we feel very near to Davao”. This was the note of the CLI executive vice president.

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Real Estate Utilization for Workplaces

Another thriving industry in Davao City real estate is the workplace. Check out latest information about real estate property in Davao by clicking here.

“The workplace in Davao City is currently within the 200,000 square meter mark. This includes private office growths from regional and publicly provided developers. This nearly doubled from previous numbers of around 110,000 square meters. A total amount of 45,000 square meters of office space is something we should anticipate.”

Another thing notable is the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Call centers such as Alorica, Teleperformance, Concentrix as well as VXI predominated the tenancy of these workplaces.

“The ICT-BPO sector continues to take a bulk of rooms in Davao City. This accounts for 67 percent of areas ranging from Grade A to C Buildings”. The growth is due to the “more cost-efficient” rental prices per square meter in comparison to Cebu and Manila.

The growth of the city as well as the safety and security has drawn tourists. As a result, they hold occasions in the city and sometimes even simply come to visit for leisure only. In connection, this has improved the hotel market with a 14 percent increase in the tourist arrival per year.

Real Estate Utilization for Gatherings

The city is being positioned as a major destination for meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. This means that more than 1,500 extra hotel spaces are expected to be occupied due to the increase of tourists.

Davao City real estate property land worth has additionally seen an increase. “Comparing to Davao City’s average land value growth rate of 35 percent from previous years. Year on year growth price by this year goes to an extensive growth of 27 percent.”

The Davao City Chamber of Business and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) likewise thought about a notable thing. This is about the buying power of individuals in the Davao Region which seems to have piqued the interests of developers to invest. Check out more information about investing in real estate here.

“The Davao Area economic climate has been growing at a high rate. It has done so in the last few years greater than the nationwide GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The reduced unemployment in the region shows that people are able to participate in this development”. This was the comment of John Carlo Tria of DCCCII.

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